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Anna Pehrsson, born in Boliden, Sweden, is a dancer, choreographer and artist active in the intersection between dance, choreography and visual arts. She has danced with Alias ​​Compagnie, Corpus / Royal Danish Ballet, and Cullberg Ballet, among others and has since debut as a choreographer 2016, created a wide range of works for the gallery, the public sphere, as well as commissioned works and research projects. 


Deeply integrated in her knowledge of body and movement, Pehrsson extends her work to other medias such as writing, drawing, stone carving and annealing. She debuted as a visual artist in 2021 at Tjörnedala Art Gallery Simrishamn, and continues to exhibit in collaboration with SEART, Stockholm amongst others. 


Since 2021, she organizes and curates Dances for the Mill, a site specific dance project that explores movements and transformations as matter in relation to the historical sites housing the early Swedish iron industry. 


Pehrsson is an associate artist of Weld, Stockholm and holds an MFA in Choreography from DOCH and a

postmaster accreditation from KKH, The Royal Institute of Art.



Artist’s statement 

Departing from a thorough research into the prerequesites of movement from a geological and ecological perspective, my work seeks to articulate environments where bodies, objects and things coincide into place. Between evanescence and permanence, I explore textures, volumes and vibrations through dancing, writing, drawing and stonecarving in order to create new imaginaries. Where push meets pull, movement as transformation - with its temporality and inner logics intact -expands into an energetically driven mass, opening up towards a poetic of coexistance, an other and elsewhere.



Commissions since 2018:

2018 Matter Moves, but you Can’t Escape its Weight for Ballet Contemporaneo do Norte, Portugal.

2020 Between the Hearth and the Stack for Uppsala Region and Tierp Municipality.

2021 Carving Bodies, Carving Space for Den Platta Jorden/ The Flat Soil Scanie.

2022 Utflykten/ The Field Trip for Regionteater Väst’s Dancecompany.

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