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DANSER FÖR BRUKET is a site-specific dance event in installation format in collaboration with local, regional, national and international actors. 


The project was tried out as a pilot at Lövstabruk in 2021, to then be moved to Strömsbergsbruk and has the ambition to exist as an annual recurring project. It is since then a collaboration between Tierps Municipality, Region Uppsala, Strömsbergs bruk and Anna Pehrsson, initiator and curator.


DANSER FÖR BRUKET brings together the mill as part of Swedish cultural heritage with a contemporary artistic expression,  by drawing the visitor's attention to the mill as a place for recreation and experience. The project offers the opportunity to experience dance in an intimate and direct way, disconnected from the apparatus of the theatre.


Participating choreographers since 2021:

Siriol Joyner, Peter Mills, Oisin Monaghan, Anna Pehrsson, Zala Pezdir, Melody Sheikh Mantilla.

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