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ANNNA3 The worlds of Infinite Shifts

The piece is a reformulation of a solo created for dancer Anna Pehrsson in 2017. Three female dancers pass through various emotional and existential processes. They appear and disappear, rise up and succumb, cling and release. ‘ANNNA3. The Worlds of Infinite Shifts’ is the title of the new piece by choreographer Alexandra Waierstall, who enjoys a busy and productive collaboration with composer-pianist HAUSCHKA. They summon forth physical landscapes replete with toppling stabilities. Actions and situations seem pre-ordained by Fate. Scenarios arise on what might or should have been. The prepared piano, an elemental part of the stage set, creates the sounds and moods, rhythms and tempos. Physicality itself becomes an object of reflection.


Premiere at the Beethovenfest september 14, 2018.






Choreography: Alexandra Waierstall

Music: HAUSKA Volker Bertelmann

Dance: Sita Ostheimer, Anna Pehrsson, Karolina Szymura

Photography: Christian Herrmann

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