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What is a body under pressure and what is its relationship to release? 



The solo Crisp. Come Now we Falling demarcates a new cycle of works ( i.e Bodies Under Pressure, Biorythms ) where different aspects of becoming are studied as abstract movements and potentialities to create new imaginaries in a time of crisis.


As a critique towards capitalism, and departing from dance as a reorganisational practice, the cycle rethinks the relationship between intention and production/result through 1) an interrogation of the prerequisites of movement, rather than its effect, 2) presence as accompaniment, 3) borrowing from the experience of non-human bodies under pressure, such as liquefaction, erosion and weathering in order to think choreographic organisation 4) cohabitation with an incontrollable element/s/ as theatrical smoke/haze.


Crisp. Come Now we Falling opens up the relationship between pressure and release in spatial, temporal, physical and affective terms. The solo thinks falling through different combinations of muscular pressure and release where the tipping point between them-suspension-and its relation to scale, gravity, balance and breath becomes movement. This in turn generates dynamics, form, volume, vibration, intensity and accent as byproducts, studied through each other.


Crisp. Come Now we Falling displaces the idea of “balance” and “balanced” to an unstable, ambiguous body in multiple directions. Attuned with small and consequential differences, the dancing body falls and tipps, diffracting like waves that overlap and combine, bending and spreading out to continuously begin anew. Here, SHE is reconstituted a boiling point, neither here, nor there.





Choreography and Dance: Anna Pehrsson

Music: Éliane Radigue 

Lightdesign and Photography: Thomas Zamolo

Costume: Linda Nurk



WITH SPECIAL THANKS TO: Anna Grip, Eva Forsberg-Pejler, Samuel Feldhandler, Frédéric Gies, Agnieszka Dlugoszewska, Siegmar Zacharias, Rachel Tess och Anna Koch.



Premiere February 26 and 27, 2020 at the House of Dance, Stockholm.

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