“The steam hammer hits with vigour, and it may also hit slowly, if necessary even stop. It is the merging process that decides the rhythm, but the smith should not wait for its orders….” /SHE…/…”should independently be able to see and asess the need of force and pressure in each strike.”


Borrowed from the film The Old Industry-Karlholmsbruk by Johan Olof Johansson och Niklas Skoglund 1947.



The dancer is the smith, as well as a material in transformation. Through combinations of muscular pressure and release, she creates plateaus and suspensions where the relationship between body and room appears otherwise. As a body of weight and lightness, female and male, human and machine, she appears and disappears, until only a dissolving rhythmical pattern remains.



The piece is a commission by Uppsala Region and Tierp Commune with premiere Oct 3, 2020 in Karlholm, Sweden. It is created through the experience of living and working in the small city of Karlholm between Uppsala and Gävle.  





Duration: 53min

Choreography and Dance: Anna Pehrsson

Videoprojection: Jordana Loeb

Costume: Nygårds Anna Bengtsson

Music: Anders af Klintberg

Lightdesign and photo: Thomas Zamolo





Eva Forsberg-Pejler, Louise Magnusson, Agnieszka Dlugoszewska, SITE and CCAP/ Cristina Caprioli, Julia Sundberg and Anna Grip.



EVENTS IN 2020: 


Karlholm, Folkets hus, Oct 3rd

Tierp, Kulturhuset Möbeln, Nov 5

Uppsala, Köttinspektionen, Nov 28

© 2019 MODUS OPERANDI / Anna Pehrsson. Created by L'ATELIERp.