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premiere Weld, Stockholm, sept 1-2 at 19h, and sept 3rd at 18h


In [Brackets] hosts practices of tying, twining, weaving and looping. Considering the body as a circuit of nets and knots, the project attempts to sketch out a compost of fleeting relations between room, audience, dancer, and dance.


The work departs from the idea that the emergence of the Antroposcene urges for a radical renegotiation of the human, both as an autonomous subject and as the center of the ecological system. These ideas have consequences not only for the “I” but also for methods, strategies and operations that support dance and choreography. 


In [Brackets] aims at the expression of that “I” in western dance tradition, the solo genre, in order to rethink it through the symbiotic prerequisites the body may allow for, beyond the subject and the idea of the human as superior to its context. In [Brackets] deals with processes where the “I” is relinquished to its suspension and where submission is explored in collision with intimacy, intensity and exposure. Can an “I “ imploding as an object for its own sensation serve as a catalyst for a common exposure (of soloist, solo, room and audience) on a kinaesthetic level? Can intensity and intimacy, transformed into vibration, reach beyond the visual and have us leave what we know as the body altogether? 



Choreography and dance: Anna Pehrsson

Lightdesign and photos: Thomas Zamolo

Dramaturgy and artistic advisor: Siegmar Zacharias


Realised by support from: 

The Arts Grant Committee 


Uniarts and Coproduced by Weld


Thanks to: 

Anna Koch, Rachel Tess, Anna Grip, Cecilia Roos, Crisitina Caprioli, and Dinis Machado.

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