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30 years ago, in September 1991, Nirvana released their most legendary album, Nevermind, that had a seismic effect on music. 40 million copies later the album is still relevant with its unpretentious simplicity and sincere necessity.

Nevermind popularized a new sound, created a DIY aesthetic, and obliterated the distinction between underground and mainstream.

Before, after Nevermind is inspired by the rawness and intensity that made the album Nevermind groundbreaking and captured a generation formed by mistrust and indifference.


Choreographer: Rachel Tess
Set designer: Christian Friedländer
Costume design: Rachel Tess & Christian Friedländer
Written with and danced by CORPUS DKT: Alexander Stæger, Hazuki Kojima, Marco Høst, Alma Toaspern, Anna Pehrsson
Music: Nirvana
Additional music and live synth: Alma Toaspern
Light design: Rachel Tess, Christian Friedländer, Kasper Riisberg
Stage and light tech: Kasper Riisberg
Sound engineer: Jonas Jensen
Costumier: Annette Nørgaard
Production manager: Per Uffelmann
Production assistant: Maria Schultz-Christiansen
Technical intern: Philip Korshøj Lulzac
Coordinator: Peter William Larsen
Student worker, communication: Maria Schultz-Christiansen
Artistic process Consultant: Marie Haugsted Mors
Artistic Director: Tim Matiakis
Producer: Karen Grønborg
Pictures by: Christian Friedländer

Special thanks to Isaac Spencer and Louella May Hogan for their contribution to the performance.

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