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In, ANNNA’ Alexandra Waierstall creates a ‚physical landscape’ where movement is weaved like a long breath through ever changing relations of sound and silence, fast shape shifting movements and stillness, where various but never definite spaces and images emerge. 


With dancer Anna Pehrsson and music by Volker Bertelman (HAUSCHKA), she moves through the archaeology of deeper layers of futuristic utopia that is still to be defined. In each choreographic approach place and time are undefined and the here and now is generated between vague hints of the future and the bodily presence of the dancer. Softly pulsating the performer Anna Pehrsson passes through different states referring to what could have or will be.


Concept/ Choreography/ Creation: Alexandra Waierstall

Dancer: Anna Pehrsson


Photography: Pavlos Vryonides

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