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Frédéric Gies and Weld Extended.

We are invited into a choreographically detailed world where the dance could come from a fictional past or an imaginary future. The movements have been composed as if they were folk, ritual dances - but in a slightly distorted, home-made way. The wild, unruly is intertwined with the mildly soft.


In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur who was initiated into healing, music and prophecy by Apollo, the god of the arts. A poisoned arrow struck Chiron, causing a wound that never healed. The minor planet Chiron is therefore called in astrology "The wounded healer". It represents our deepest wounds and our ability to heal.


This work invents its own mythology. What constellations and alliances bring us together today? Can these groupings change, give us hope and build bridges? Gies’ choreographies lie right on the border where old and new rub against each other. What arises in this friction?



Choreography: Frédéric Gies

Music: DJ Fiedel

Light and Photo: Thomas Zamolo

Costume: Grzegosz Matlag

Dance: Elise Brewer, Brittanie Brown, Gergo D.Farkas, Nefeli Gioti, Andreas Haglund, Maria Naidu, Anna Pehrsson

constellation & alliances - weld company-9463-edit.jpg
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