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Inspired by his fascination for alternative or intentional communities, Love Enqvist's work is shaped by a language loaded with semiotics of utopia, mysticism, philosophy, carefully placed together as if in a dream.


The Kooperativa Förbundet or the "Swedish Cooperative Union and Wholesale Society" was a union which later developed into a wholesale supplier. Its original mission was to enable economic independence for consumers and for a better social life as a whole. Enqvist explores the archives of the Swedish Cooperative Union to unravel new dimensions of collective memory and its erasure. How has the archive been overwritten and what has been lost since its closing in 2019? His new film "We will learn to speak again" (2022) is a continuation of his on- going engagement with the Cooperative’s history. Filmed inside an inverted globe, Enqvist reenacts personal and collective experiential explorations of universal themes. The inverted globe 16 meters in diameter was built for the exhibition "Without Borders" in Stockholm on the occasion of the 1957 International Cooperative Congress. Covering the concave walls inside is a painting of a borderless world by the artist Sven X:et Erixson. The globe, now locked away at Parken Zoo in Eskilstuna, was once part of the Cooperative Union’s architectural visions to create a new collective society.


In collaboration with Monica Westberg, "We will learn to speak again", stages a psychodrama within the inverted globe. Enqvist is interested in the potential to explore both deeply personal as well as bigger global questions through enactment.





Concept and direction: Love Enqvist

With: Love Enqvist, Anna Pehrsson, Johan Reybekeil, Margareta Petterson, Monica Westberg, mfl

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