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premiere, Weld, Stockholm, sept 27th, 28th and 29th at 19.00

Wanås Konst, Knislinge oct 1st, and 2nd at 15.00

“It is not the conquest of the superficial that we seek in intimacy, but rather the innermost chamber of reality. The surface becomes the locus where this is rehearsed.” Tavi Meraud: Iridescence, intimacies 2015.

The evening-length solo evolves around a practice of ‘surfacing’, in which the body is dealt with as a site of layers and multiplicities. ‘Surfacing’ maintains a skeptical approach to depth which proposes a deepening whose empirical reality lies above the surface, even if its performative register floats just below it. Contrary to diving, ‘surfacing’ imagines depth without experiencing it, folding bodies out of bodies, and detaching bodies from each other. It is inconstant and changing, a ‘what is never the same as itself’. While remaining aware of the material conditions of the viewing experience, the spectator becomes part of the illusionist representation. They witness the process of a body at work, a machine surfing through planes and energies. A low body and a high voice.



Choreography and dance: Anna Pehrsson

Light design: Thomas Zamolo

Dramaturge and artistic advisor: Siegmar Zacharias


Supported by:

The Swedish Arts Council

The Swedish Art Grants Committee

The Swedish National Touring Company: The Dance Department.

DOCH, Stockholm.

Uniarts, Stockholm.

BARCO/ A22, Porto.


Thanks to:

Rachel Tess, Anna Grip, Dinis Machado, Cecilia Roos and Mia Larsson.

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